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About Ramie

Ramie grew up in south Texas where she spent the majority of her life until she decided to pursue a career in art, moving her to Denver. Her multicultural background led to a passion for travel and people which is where she discovered her curiosity for interactions and the transferring of energies between people, objects and nature.

Her works are mostly comprised of acrylic paints that tell stories of experiences during her travels. She frequently goes into the mountains of her home state to discover ways of interpreting the energy and movement through color, lines, texture and depth. Ramie chronicles her experiences in sketchbooks by making marks, washes of paint, and notes about the energy or interaction. She then incorporates this energy she’s drawn to into her process.
Ramie is currently preparing work for her solo show with Recreative Denver in Denver this coming fall 2018. You can follow her adventures and process on Instagram.

About the work

I travel as a means of research to tell the stories I feel are worth telling through painting. These stories may be about people, a place or nature, but they all have a intertwined purpose — to tell a story of an interaction. I spend time in places that I feel an energy pulling me: an undisturbed creek on a mountain side, the red desserts of Moab and waves crashing into a cliff on the north western coasts. I create my own interpretations of those interactions in my studio in Denver.

I use my entire body as I’m working to channel this same energy I felt in the moments I’ve experienced from my travels. My process requires all of me to physically pour and move around paint as if I were the water stirring in a river. My work requires a flow of energy from my body to my hands transferred to the mediums I’m using in order to properly capture my interpretation of the experience. Ultimately, I seek to understand the endless process of growth to better understand the moments that make us feel truly alive.