Circles : A Preview of My Solo Show

For me, this year has been full of firsts. I decided to launch my own business (a first), I launched that business and pursued art as my career (another first), and now, I’m pleased to invite you to join me for my first solo show at the University of Denver’s Hirschfield Gallery. The opening reception will be held on Friday, August 18, 2017 from 7-9pm and my work will be displayed there until September 28th. I’ve created a preview of six paintings in my upcoming show, available today.

I’ve spent this past year working on a new collection, keeping them to myself just for this exhibition. It’s been an evolving challenge full of movement, stepping out into the new and embracing the circles or processes. When the show opening date began to close in I really struggled with how or what to name it. I wanted something with a strong representation of my work but also something that would capture the heart and mind of these pieces. While winding down after a long painting session one evening, I was watching Netflix’s Chef Table with Alex Atala and he said something that spoke so deeply to me and the work I was creating.



He said, “one night I had a dream… I was like a child, holding the hand of a bigger man and I asked what is the meaning of life? He showed me circles. Circles of life. And then he showed me a flower. Why? A plant has a circle. A seed becomes a plant that has a flower that transforms into a fruit, the fruit drops, there’s another seed and the seed grows again. This is a circle.” He replied, “I understand but why choose to show me the flower? And the man said the flower is the moment that we live, the most beautiful moment of the circle.”

I think this conversation that Alex Atala dreamed directly relates to art or creativity, because the art we make has a life of it’s own. The circle is the process it goes through, from beginning to end. The flower represents the finished piece, of course, because that is that moment it lives, it is complete and alive in every way. Created to ignite conversation, emotion, or to take you faraway somewhere else. I named my show ‘Circles’ to represent the struggles and perseverance it took to get to it’s most beautiful moment so although my show will display my completed works, I want to also remember and honor the process it took to bring them here.

When you look at my work, my hope for you is that they speak in a way that grabs your attention and hopefully transports you to the place I was mentally or physically while creating them.




Circles : A Solo Show featuring work by Ramie Frantz
OPENING NIGHT : Friday, August 18, 2017 at the University of Denver’s Hirschfield Gallery in Denver, Colorado. For more information, see the event and let us know you’ll be attending. View more paintings on my website and click ‘circles’ to filter my works.

Written by Ramie Frantz. Photos by Ramie Frantz.

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