Create Art. Create Yourself.

At the end of every year, I find myself reflecting on what the past year looked like. I think about the things that changed that year, as well as what came into and exited my life. When 2015 ended, I found myself reflecting like every year before. I wanted to set an intention for the new year to come, and with all the new changes that 2016 was bringing, I decided that my mantra would be…

“fear comes with growth.”

To give you some insight into my life when I set this intention, I was offered a job in Denver, Colorado that would start mid January of 2016. I had never lived anywhere else but San Antonio, Texas with my family and friends, so this intention meant everything. I needed a constant reminder of the fear I knew I would encounter once I decided to take the step forward for my personal and professional growth.

A similar thing happened a year later as January 2017 quickly approached. I reflected on the past year, and I tried to decide on a new intention for the year.



I’ve always been a creator who enjoys using my hands and bringing something from my mind onto paper, whether it be through a photo or journal entry or something else. Creating has a way of filling my soul and giving me a voice, even in times when I felt it was absent.

When I moved to Denver, I went through a few different stages: the wonder of living in a new place, missing the people closest to me, exploring nature and new places, craving my favorite go to spots, and excitement around meeting new people. Yet, I was still able to hold onto what was back home.

It was a rough season, but still I reminded myself, “fear comes with growth.” And as I came into that growth and slowly extinguished my fears, my life in Colorado began falling together piece by piece. I became intentional about creating, I made a point to keep in touch with friends back home and to seek out new ones. I traveled to places I’d never been. I hiked more, saw more, took in more, and fell in love over and over again with my new home.



Almost a year and a half after my move, I’ve learned that I’m not just creating art, I’m constantly creating myself. I’ve dreamt harder and bigger than I ever knew I could. And I’ve realized how necessary it is to be okay with the process.

Everything in life has a process, whether it’s creating something, moving across the country, finding yourself or finding someone else. So whatever it is you’re dealing with, remember there’s a process you must go through. A process that changes you and molds you into a new creation.
When you learn to be okay with the process, you can learn to be okay with the outcome, and that’s what I want to learn this year: to be okay with the process so that I can be okay with the outcome, whatever it might be.


Writing and paintings by Ramie Frantz. Edited by Alycia Curtis. Photos by Jessie Nichole.

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