Getting Crafty: The Time I Rented a Sheep Wagon in Evergreen

For my twenty-fourth birthday, I decided to take a solo trip in the mountains to spend some time with myself in the lush outdoors of Colorado. For my stay, I knew I was looking for something unique that would spark my creativity. I searched on AirBnB for something different, and I was extremely pleased to find Gary…

the vintage sheep wagon. Just by the name I could tell this place would have character, but I had no idea how much I would be inspired by his charm.

I drove about an hour into the mountains to the little town of Evergreen. Evergreen is one of my favorite weekend getaway spots, especially during the summer. But with October ending, I was looking for something a bit different. To get to Gary, I traveled down several back roads, following the hosts directions. The property was perfect, and it was just far enough away from people and residences without being too far from civilization. I brought my pepper spray, bear spray, air horn and taser…a girl can never be too sure.



I began to unpack and carry my things to the wagon, and as I walked up, this is the view I arrived to. Come on, how adorable is this? The name Gary suits him well.

The place was loaded with amenities! It had a small wood burning stove for colder months, but luckily it wasn’t snowing yet, so I just used the portable propane heater that was provided. There was shelving built in with dishes and cookware supplied, a gas stove for cooking, and benches built in to sit with a slide out table. It was glamping at it’s finest!



There was a double bed up top that was actually super comfortable. It even had a little window with a great view. From the door to the sheep wagon, you could see the mountains surrounding the area. There was a bench swing looking towards the view, and it was easily the best seat there. Just outside, the host provided a community area with a fire pit, more bench swings, and a grill with a picnic table and cover. At night, I plugged in the string lights provided, and it made the night, guys.

The next day, I worked and worked and worked some more, but it was a good kind of a work.
I was able to think, to release and to pour myself out into something tangible.



The weekend was full of quiet moments and self discovery. I read, I thought, I journaled and I made things. It was the weekend when I decided to move forward in all aspects of my life. Every once in awhile, I think we all need a Gary to share the weekend with. It reminded me that sometimes solo trips are the best kind of trips…then again, it would have been a very different story had I needed that bear spray.


Writing, paintings and photos by Ramie Frantz. Edited by Alycia Curtis.

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